• 4400A/4500A Delay By Events Trigger Qualifier

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    This Technical Note describes a trigger option useful for pulse power measurement in radar, remote sensing and tracking, and certain wireless communication applications such as TDMA and GSM.


  • 4500B Advanced Trigger Capabilities

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    Pulsed signals used for radar, remote sensing and tracking, MRI medical imaging, and certain wireless communication applications such as WiMax & LTE have become increasingly complex to measure. The instruments used to measure these signals must have sufficient capability to account for synchronization changes within a burst of pulses to capture a specific region and measure the signal accurately. A Peak power meter with advanced trigger capabilities is an excellent tool for this purpose.


  • 4500B Digital Sampling Power Analyzer for Wireless Communication Signals

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    Digital modulation methods of cellular and other wireless communications system present a challenge for making accurate peak power measurements. Although there are many different implementations, the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Spread Spectrum Modulation are the latest technologies. Of many wireless communication systems, WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the one which uses several modulation schemes.


  • Analysis of Complex Modulated Carriers Using Statistical Methods

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    This Application Note describes a method for obtaining and using probability functions to analyze the peak power of complex modulated RF signals.


  • High-speed Measurement of RF Power Sweeps

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    New Page 1

    This Application Note describes an operating mode in the 4530 series peak power meter especially useful for high-speed production test applications.


  • 4400A/4500A Storing Data and Documenting Results To Floppy

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    This Technical Note describes storing data and documenting measurement results.